I am running for the Kansas State Senate.

Hunter for Kansas half

Greetings, Kansas. I’ve spent the last few years wishing there was someone in state government that was more interested in people than polls.  Or more interested in policies over politics. And maybe, just maybe, principles over party.

I got tired of waiting.

If you’re like me, you’re tired of waiting, too. But I won’t get into our state government without your help. Keep visiting this website, follow me on Twitter (@HunterForKansas) or Like me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/hunterforkansas). If you have the means, a few dollars would help me get the word out. Or, you can directly help by contacting me to volunteer.

Talk to your friends and family about local and state politics. Read the news, attend a hearing or a meeting, get involved. Be curious! Apathy and ignorance have cost our state dearly in terms of revenue, resources and respect. Those days are over as of November 8, 2016.

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