Since 2013, income earned from owning certain types of businesses wasn’t taxed in Kansas. It wasn’t a rate discount or a rebate. It wasn’t an exemption for earning small amounts. It was simply untouched by the Kansas Department of Revenue. These taxpayers have had a tax holiday.

Vacation’s over.

I’ve been on that income tax vacation. So has the lawyer in the article I linked below. So have many professionals, farmers, and business owners I’ve spoken with personally. And so have many people who spoke to Sen. Jim Denning of Overland Park. He told the Kansas City Star, “They feel like freeloaders.”

It’s not a good feeling. Some politicians will say, “If you feel so bad, just write a check to the State.” What they’re really saying is, “Your guilt is not my problem.” In other words, the consciences of fair-minded business owners shouldn’t get in the way of some people’s sense of entitlement. You see, they feel entitled to take that money home, tax free.

I’m going to bet my election this fall that the people of this state don’t see it that way. I’m going to bet that most of the 36,000 voters in District 27 believe that everyone should chip in, regardless of what boxes you fill out on your tax form. And I’m going to bet that Gov. Brownback and his few remaining allies will make it seem like they are open to compromise on this topic. Don’t be fooled. But that’s for another time…


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