The BEST Plan to Get Kansas Back on Track.

The Kansas Senate Republicans came out with their proposal to fix the mess they made with Governor Brownback. They call it the “B.E.T.T.E.R.” Plan. They’ve got a nifty acronym (Budget, Education, Taxes, Transparency, Economy, Regulations), had a press conference, created a website, the works. My opponent signed off on it. SPOILER ALERT: It’s not a[…]


Since 2013, income earned from owning certain types of businesses wasn’t taxed in Kansas. It wasn’t a rate discount or a rebate. It wasn’t an exemption for earning small amounts. It was simply untouched by the Kansas Department of Revenue. These taxpayers have had a tax holiday. Vacation’s over. I’ve been on that income tax[…]

It’s time to get ahead of the curve.

Kansas is on the edge of a constitutional crisis. Our 2016 presidential race tips back and forth between a comedy and a disgrace. British voters just decided to leave the EU.   Since before its founding, Kansas has been ahead of the curve, historically speaking. The textbooks say the first shots of the Civil War[…]