20th May 2016

Tony Hunter Supports Education For Kansas State District 27 Students.

Kansas must have a system of public education that truly delivers an equal educational opportunity for every child, everywhere in the state.

Our children deserve a world-class tool kit to build a successful life.

Our State Constitution requires a suitable and equitable opportunity to learn.

The Kansas State Board of Education has adopted a set of five measurable outcomes that should be the basic standard of success:

  1. Kindergarten readiness – are they ready to learn when they start school?
  2. Individual Plan of Study focused on career interest – are they able to develop (or even discard) potential careers while in school?
  3. High school graduation rates – are they completing the courses they need to succeed?
  4. Postsecondary completion/attendance – are they able to apply or further their education after they leave the classroom?
  5. Social/emotional growth measured locally – are they learning the crucial values and “soft skills” needed for the workforce?
You can read more about education in Kansas state district 27 here.